Exterior Features

  • The Metropolis is to be built according to plans and specifications by WPH Architects, with modifications by the developer during the construction process.
  • Exterior is EIFS, glass, with accents made from pre-cast concrete. Plans call for 8″ or 9″ of concrete between floors. The party walls are double wall construction with four layers of drywall and sound insulation between the studs.
  • Detailed and varied balcony railings compliment the building
  • Double thermo paned windows will vary in number and size due to the variety of floor plans. The amount of total glass area will vary depending on the floor plan selected.
  • The roof is a single ply system over tapered insulation on top of an 8″ or 9″ concrete deck.
  • The swimming pool is oversized with a whirlpool spa. There will be landscaping within the pool courtyard, the motor court and at the entrance.